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Converting an apartment’s traditional bathroom into a wheel-chair friendly spa.

By John Byrd

Looking at trend lines, it is evident that older homeowners want readily-available therapeutic solutions, even in quarters that might once have been considered too small for larger amenities.

Glickman Design Build converted a traditional bathroom in an Arlington condo into a wheel-chair-friendly spa while the owner was vacationing in Florida. The project won a Chrysalis award for “Best Accessible Bath Design”.

A north Arlington condo dweller struggling with a progressive neuro-degenerative disorder recently decided during a stay Florida that in the time had come to convert his apartment’s traditional bathroom into a wheel-chair friendly spa.

Despite the off-premise challenges, the owner asked Russ Glickman of Glickman design Build to complete the makeover before his return from the sunbelt—a period of about four week.

Experienced with condo build-out requirements, Glickman established the project’s logistical priorities immediately and went to work

Presented with some design option limitations, the remodeler selected finish work details on the owner’s behalf, careful to make choices that could be accommodated within the tight timeline.

The resulting solution was honored with a Chrysalis award for the nation’s “best accessible bath design.” Among the stand-out amenities: a wheel chair accessible shower; a sink and toilet complete with strategically placed grab-bars, skid-proof tiling.

Glickman periodically offers workshops on accessible living and Aging-In-Place topics.

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